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Discreet legal representation for consumers of fertility services

As assisted human reproduction technology advances, more couples are turning to assisted reproduction technology as a means to parenthood. Laws in most states do not adequately address the legal standing of intended parents, surrogates, ovum (egg) donors and sperm donors.

At Law Offices of Tina Sharma, I have significant experience working with couples to realize their dreams of raising a child. I have prepared forms and contracts for egg and sperm donations. I obtain pre-birth court orders and establish legal parentage in surrogacy matters on a regular and consistent basis. In addition, I have handled numerous surrogacy contracts for intended parents and surrogate mothers. I have also provided legal representation in court proceedings to obtain pre-birth orders for names of parents on birth certificates and in adoption matters.

I understand the complex legal matters that are associated with assisted reproduction law and I am on the forefront of this emerging field. It is important to protect your financial and emotional interests by ensuring that legal documents and details involved with assisted reproduction are properly handled.

Trusted and confidential legal services

I place a premium on providing quality legal services with a personal touch to couples and families in Silver Spring and throughout Maryland. When you contact my law practice, you will find a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and an attorney who is ready to listen to your needs and is eager to help you achieve your dreams of having children. I understand the pressing desire to have a family and can help you make sure that a child brought into your family through assisted reproduction is truly yours through detailed surrogacy agreements and other legal documents.

I help married couples who are unable to have a baby address fertility problems by working with egg donors and surrogate mothers. I also assist same-sex couples who wish to have a baby. For every couple, I assist with issues related to adoption, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

Importance of contract drafting and legal agreements

I help draft legal contracts and address family planning needs of people using assisted reproduction technology, such as traditional or gestational surrogacy, artificial insemination, and sperm and egg donation. There are many legal issues to consider in assisted reproduction that involves a third party. It is very important to have legal agreements with donors, the surrogate mother and other involved parties. For example, a surrogate mother’s husband, if she is married, must also sign legal papers.

I draft the following documents:

  • Pre-birth orders or surrogacy agreements, which are agreements before a pregnancy between a couple and the surrogate mother that the surrogate will give up parental and custody rights to the child (traditional surrogacy in which the surrogate provides the egg and is impregnated with the intended father’s sperm)
  • Gestational surrogacy agreements, which are agreements between a couple and a surrogate mother who is not the biological mother of the child (gestational surrogacy in which the child is carried to term by the surrogate after an embryo — usually formed with the intended parent’s sperm and egg — is implanted in her uterus)
  • Adoption documents, through which a second parent legally adopts a child carried by a surrogate and has legal custody
  • Other important documents according to state adoption and surrogacy laws

With a precious child and your family at stake, it is very important to hire a lawyer with the skills and experience in these delicate and important matters. Knowledge of the law and experience matter, so make the wise choice to work with Law Offices of Tina Sharma.

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